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Karlos Bill Kothman — Tribute

Nov. 14th, 2013

It's been a long time coming but welcome to our new website & blog! The last few years have been tumultuous last couple of years with the passing of Kade Kothman. This year we lost our founder, Karlos Bill Kothman.

Karlos Bill was a colorful man with a tough exterior, quick witted and a heart of gold. He had the gift to tell you a story with a poker face and lead you to believing it for as long as he wanted you to. He was a wonderful and private giver to anyone who was in need. Karlos Bill also had a passion for hunting and fishing. He had hunted white tail deer in Canada several times and bagged a B & C buck. He also hunted mule deer and white tail in the U.S. including Montana, Colorado and New Mexico, the Jicarilla in Montana and Utah and he also hunted in old Mexico. He bird hunted in Argentina and hunted exotics including a lion- his prized kill in Africa where he went twice. He fished and hunted moose and bear in Alaska. He also fished parts of the U.S., Venezuela and old Mexico.

Here's to K.B., and the wonderful legacy he left behind for us.

Happy Hunting!