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Exotic Hunts

Hunt Gemsbok, Iranian Red Sheep, Oryx, Addax, Axis, Aoudad, Black Buck & more!

Continental Ranch offers a variety of species of exotics to hunt. We have a no kill, no pay policy on our exotic hunts: you pay only for what you kill. We hunt our exotics most of the year, excluding the hot summer months.

Listed below are our current prices on exotics. In addition to the price of the animal, there is a $250 per day fee for all exotic hunts. This includes the guide, lodging and meals. The daily charge is $200 as a non-hunter fee. Prices are subject to change. Recommended gratuities for cook & guide are 5 to 15% of the hunt.

*Please Note: A wounded animal is considered a kill. Every effort will be made to locate this animal.

For non-residents there is a non-resident special hunting license for $132. You can also purchase a non-resident for 5 days for $48. All hunters are expected to purchase a license before arriving on the premises.

The following is a general price list; exceptional animals will be priced at a higher rate.

Gemsbok (Bull: $8,500, Cow: $11,000):Only offering males at this time! (Male: $7,000, Accidental Female: $8,500): A large antelope with very long straight or slightly curved horns. Built rather like a polo pony, they have a compact body with sturdy limbs; short stiff neck mane. Their ability to survive in a waterless area is only second to that of the addax among African antelopes.

Iranian Red Sheep ($5,500): The Iranian red sheep lives mostly in open rough terrain at medium or high altitudes, where they inhabit rocky hill country, lowland and highland steppes, and rocky semi-deserts, as well as grass covered slopes and alpine meadows. They live in small or larger herds, and in the summer the older males live singly or in separate groups. They may live up to 18 years. Free range and high fence availability.

Scimitar-Horned Oryx (Male: $5,500): Named for the unique shape of its horns, the scimitar-horned oryx is one of four species of oryx, straight-horned antelopes found in various regions of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. This endangered species is indigenous to the semi-arid southern edge of the Sahara. We currently have permits to hunt these species.

Addax (Bull/Cow: $6,500): An endangered desert antelope, the addax has exceptionally long horns that are prized by trophy hunters. As a result of overhunting, fewer than 200 addaxes remain in the southwestern part of the Sahara. An addax can go weeks without water and can withstand an internal temperature as high as 46°C (115°F). We currently have permits that make it possible to hunt and preserve these species. Free range.

Axis ($4,500): Axis are originally from India and through Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. The Axis coat is pinkish fawn, marked with white spots, and its under parts are also white. Its antlers, which it sheds annually, are usually three-pronged and curve in a lyre shape and may extend to 75 cm (2.5 ft).

Aoudad (Male: $4,000, Male over 32": $5,000): A very agile climber and jumper, and stays in rocky terrain, resting in shade suring the heat of the day. It grazes and browses. Also called Barbary sheep. It has thick horns that curve in a semi circle over the back up to 22” long in a male and 16” in female and thinner.

Black Buck (Male: $3,500): The black buck antelope is one of the most popular exotic game animals for hunting in the US. This is the antelope that inhabits the open plains of India, Pakistan, and Nepal. The male has a black back, white underbelly, and spiral horns. Free range and high fence.

Zebra ($7,000): Zebras were the second species to diverge from the earliest horses, somewhere around four million years ago. Zebras are generally around 8 feet long, stand at 4-5 feet, and weigh over 600 pounds—although some can grow to more than 900 pounds! These animals have excellent hearing and eyesight and can run at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour; this makes it an exciting hunt for experienced and first-time hunters alike. Come hunt our world-class zebras as they roam through 10,000 acres of pasture in our exclusive private ranch.

We also offer sales of live exotics, prices upon market values and capture costs.

All prices are subject to change.